In Time 2011 English

Science fiction film directed by Andrew Niccol ("Gattaca - the shock of the future", "Lord of life and death"). The world in the near future: in order to avoid overpopulation, rationing of the time to survive was introduced, which has become the most valuable commodity, the only widely accepted convertible currency. The rich who can afford to buy it can live forever, the poor have to be inventive to get it ... Will Salas is one of those unfortunates who wake up 23 hours each day, realizing that unless they earn enough a lot of time, they won't live until tomorrow. One day a wealthy stranger gives Will a hundred years worth of time and, tired of his life, commits suicide. Will is accused of killing him and runs away from the police with a beautiful hostage. Living from minute to minute, a couple in love declare war on the existing system, threatening to destroy it ...