End of Watch 2012 English

Extremely realistic and powerful film by the author of "Fast and the Furious" and "Day of Trial." Taylor and Zavala - two young policemen, patrol the troubled streets of southern Los Angeles. There is a constant war here, each day may be their last. The gangs have no mercy, so the police response must be just as tough. During a routine patrol, Taylor and Zavala discover a gruesome crime. Behind it is a powerful drug gang, which passes a death sentence on the police. The director knows the realities of police work in LA, which he proved by writing the scripts for "Trial Day" or "Police". This time, as a director, he applied a solution that adds authenticity to the film. Both policemen are equipped with miniature HD cameras that allow you to capture the most dramatic moments of their service. The scenes they shot show the cruelty, pain, fear, dedication and risk that officers take every day. Very realistic shots take the viewer straight into a hail of bullets on the streets of Los Angeles.